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Voter participation is also checked using electoral registers.

Other recurring questions cover political interest and party identification.

A group of children, age 7 through 14, are left home alone at a house in a secluded community in the countryside.

Their innocence is gradually corrupted as they experiment with ...

Passports issued since 1 October 2005 are biometric, and valid for five years.

Earlier passports are valid for ten years (adults) or five years (children).

Therefore, all surveys contain questions on: voting habits, party preferences, and voting in both current and previous elections.

Wounded, he is taken in by a 12 year old girl named Simona.

Their strange love affair is interrupted by Simona's depressed, oversexed mother...

In 2013, Swedish passports were reported to be among the most frequently sold passports on the black market.

The reason cited was that there was no upper limit on the number of replacement passports being issued to the rightful holder.

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