Updating schema

what is the best way to handle the database migration in mongoengine?I would imagine you could iterate through the database and pull the objects that have that field and add them back in with the new field then drop all objects that have that field, but it'd be nice if there was an idiomatic way to handle this sort of thing.

First, if you are unsure of the effects of schema update, it's strongly recommended that you check schema validation results before updating.

If there's no update script then the following steps should occur.

NOTE: in this case the developer should not refresh the source, but first delete the schema with the existing schema drop script and just then update the source.

Alternatively you can use your preferred SVN GUI client.

If the new source has specific update SQL script, then first a source update should be done and then the execution of the update script.

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Please delete any other tables (dataset tables, link tables) and sequences what are remainings of experiments.

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