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Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Bolivia?

In August Paraguay ordered mobilization and sent forces under General in their first major offensive against Fortín Boquerón, which fell at the end of September.During the last 15 years great steps have been made in catalogueing the Floras of several South American countries.Checklists have been compiled by Zuloaga & Morone (1999) (Argentina), Jørgensen & León-Yánez (1999) (Ecuador), Boggan et al.Foster’s hope had been to produce a ‘Flora of Bolivia’ but the realization that it would not be completed in his lifetime prompted him to publish the ‘Catalogue’.The dicotyledons totalled 1252 genera and the largest family of flowering plants was the Compositae with approximately 900 species (represented by 970 taxa) in 125 genera, in 12 tribes.

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