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When the Camouflage stamp is used in leather carving, it is used to add roundness to scrolls leaves and stems and to decorate the smooth parts of a design.

The camouflage stamp also called the "camo" used repeatedly around the edge of a leather project makes a nice border design.

Western saddles have a rich history and tradition and no saddles can tell those stories better than antique saddles.

With each of these saddles, you can easily imagine the miles they've gone, the places they've been, the work they've done, and the people they've known.

It used to be that if I flipped a belt over and it said “genuine leather” I always thought, “Nice! ” That's true, but it's not a very good grade of leather.

How a product defines its leather is important to understanding the quality of the piece.

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It operates in three segments, namely the Wholesale Leathercraft segment, the Retail Leathercraft segment, and the International Leathercraft segment.

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