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Exposure to an alcoholic parent during childhood can lead to intimacy and trust issues in marriage.

Adult children may have learned from their previous relationships that people cannot be trusted and that if they do trust, they will get hurt.

I can't speak for your partner, but when I push my boyfriend away it isn't anything to do with him, really, it's because I learned early on that trusting someone led to pain and rejection.

It was very difficult for him, but I think he realises now that it doesn't mean I don't love him.

This lack of trust can lead to problems with intimacy and being open and honest in their marriages.

Some adult children of alcoholics develop an overdeveloped sense of responsibility towards caring for others in order to avoid personal difficulties, at the risk of neglecting their own needs and wants.

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A counselor can talk with you about the dynamic of the individual situations you're going through, get into detail we can't here, and recommend specific remedies and actions that might help you find common ground. "Tell me, what are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?

A counselor might also help you get to the root of why, when someone (ACOA or not) pushes you away, you don't just move on, but continue to engage in the push-pull drama even though it hurts you. " --Mary Oliver "Action is the antidote to despair." --Joan Baez "False hopes bind us to unlivable situations, and blind us to real possibilities." --Derrick Jensen evolvingjp-I just wanted to say that it's great that you are there for your partner because I know how tough it can be dating an ACOA (I'm a nightmare! I think Givelove's idea is a very good one and also you could try reading Loving an Adult Child of an Alcocholic by Douglas and Deborah Bey.

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Since family members organically make the myriad small and large relational adjustments that living with addiction inevitably demands, everyone gets drawn into the awkward dance.

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