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This post is to help any of you who might have the same dream of meeting Mr. I read that this is when single men gather supplies for the weekend. I could always ask for help with working out a problem area of my body and asking what lifting might do for that region. This way of meeting men makes the most sense to me unless of course your hobby is knitting or quilting. But I think taking a cooking class at the local Junior College might work too. I know sports bars are great, but since I haven’t consumed alcohol in over 17 years, I don’t think a sports bar is the right fit for me. I would probably need to watch the local fairground events for when these type of functions come around. To meet men it is best to go grocery shopping late on a Friday or Saturday evening. Going to the heavy lifting area would be a good place to start. I might have better luck taking one of their workshops like Concrete Patch & Repair or Deck Installation & Repair . But does the guy I might want to meet really go into a Mall – even if it is for Apple products? If I was going to do this, wouldn’t the local Best Buy work just as well; or are Apple men friendlier, into mochas and like shopping malls? It might make for a fun outing with the girls though. wow that just sounds like the beginning sentence to a bad personal ad. To go to SF for a major sporting event is costly and time consuming and chances are I could meet someone who lives several hours away, but with baseball season upon us, I might be able to find some local events to attend with friends. But I am not sure exactly how a woman meets a guy in a steakhouse. Volunteering could be a great way to meet a great guy. Unfortunately the local Apple store isn’t so local where I live. There’s Cattlemen’s; Stormy’s Spirits and Supper; and Mc Nears Restaurant and Bar in Petaluma. but getting in the way of a man’s steak is never a good idea. There’s also the Volunteer Center of Sonoma County. This could be right up there with my eat healthy lifestyle . There’s the Petaluma Bounty a nonprofit working to create a sustainable food system in Petaluma with healthy fresh food for everyone. There are some really nice grocery stores in Petaluma, California (where I live). We have both these stores near me, but I am not sure if a man really likes to be bothered when he is buying products to fix a problem at home. I mean, aren’t they sitting having their dinner and then leaving? There’s one north of here in the Santa Rosa Plaza and another one south of me in Corte Madera.I could always ask one to reach something for me off a top shelf . Hobbies are a great way to meet men – if – the men happen to be into your same hobby. There’s culinary classes at The Petaluma Junior College, like being offered 8/23/2010 – 10/18/2010 (there’s got to be men in this class). There is Infineon Raceway just over the hill from me . I went to the Sonoma County Fairgorounds event page and found quite a few interesting functions I can attend.

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