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Most of the show's couples have had fairy-tale proposals atop mountainsides, fought in the public eye, pretended everything was fine, and then split for good – usually within one year.But there were some lasting relationships, and others that took unexpected twists and turns (Dating another in 2010 and found love with insurance agent Roberto Martinez. The couple postponed their wedding, blaming it on scheduling conflicts and a kickboxing injury.Emily is considered the weakest link by "A." Emily has had a rough past of being in love with her best friend Alison before she disappeared.

While Fez and Rhonda are in the photo hut, there are several yellow boxes on the table.And now there are reports that Ali is "miserable" with Roberto.Will the formerly happy couple succumb to the break-up curse?Although Emily has been through many difficulties, (such as the death of her ex-girlfriend Maya St.Germain), she always seems to stay strong and comes out on top.

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Fez puts away only one of them, but when the table is shown again right afterwards - it is suddenly empty.

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