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You know how people say if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans?

Here are 4 technology tips for long-distance dating.

Texting and instant messaging are the easiest ways to talk to your partner, as they require little effort from either party.

If you and your date live in different time zones or you have different schedules it can make it difficult to arrange video chats.

However this can leave you both feeling disconnected from each other, so it is worth scheduling video chats with each other so that you get the chance to hang out and have a proper conversation.

You can’t cry every time he doesn’t call you on time and leave radical two-minute voicemails about how you’ll wait up forever for him to call you back like you’re some crazy martyr of romance.

You can’t lose your marbles every time he leaves the house or find suspicion in everything he does.

Or suggest this as an option to them, you can offer to play tour guide.'Certainly no stranger to divulging the intimate details of her private life, Mel recently admitted, on the Thinkergirl's podcast with Stacey June and Kristie Mercer, that she was unable to climax while having sex until she was 30.

'I had my first orgasm with my husband and I hadn't had one prior to that because you need to feel comfortable,' she said.

It’s not easy and I certainly think about his choices just as much as any other girl (and maybe I have left a few radical voice mails in my day), but do I lose sleep about what he’s doing? I have my own life to be preoccupied with and so do you.

In the end, you must trust the one you love and respect their judgment. Listening and clear communication is the key to any relationship, long distance or not.

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